Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So far, you lovely fans have donated $772 to International Fund for Animal Welfare! I can't believe how generous you've all been. I'm pretty sure Alexander himself, as well as the folks at IFAW all love you hugely for all of this!

The Alexander Skarsgård birthday collection will be open for several months, so please consider giving a few pennies out monthly!

Once again, here's the link for easy donating.

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Cards, cards!

Editors note: I told you all I wouldn't publish any "MARRY ME!!" messages, but this was a cute one! :)

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Happy Birthday from Wendy!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more episodes in True Blood.... You Rock. :-)

From Wendy in .......The Land Of the Long White Cloud.

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Happy Birthday from Tracy!

Happy Birthday, Alex. Hope you have a wonderful day. Your star shines bright as your smile. Your tenderness and thoughtfulness shines in all you do.


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