Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So far, you lovely fans have donated $772 to International Fund for Animal Welfare! I can't believe how generous you've all been. I'm pretty sure Alexander himself, as well as the folks at IFAW all love you hugely for all of this!

The Alexander Skarsgård birthday collection will be open for several months, so please consider giving a few pennies out monthly!

Once again, here's the link for easy donating.

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Cards, cards!

Editors note: I told you all I wouldn't publish any "MARRY ME!!" messages, but this was a cute one! :)

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Happy Birthday from Wendy!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more episodes in True Blood.... You Rock. :-)

From Wendy in .......The Land Of the Long White Cloud.

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Happy Birthday from Tracy!

Happy Birthday, Alex. Hope you have a wonderful day. Your star shines bright as your smile. Your tenderness and thoughtfulness shines in all you do.


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some Viking spirit for Alex!


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A note from a donator


Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Birthday.

My birthday gift to you is in the form of a monthly contribution (for at least the next 6 months), to help save our whales. The contribution will be made to The International Fund for Animal Welfare via FirstGiving.

I truly hope my small effort can help in some way.


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Fans ahoy!

A few reminders - read the INFO and send your greetings!

And please consider giving a few dollars to a good cause, to honor Alexander's birthday! The easiest way to do that is to click HERE. There's no rush, though, because the collection is up for the next 6 months.

(Some of us have decided to donate monthly!)

Thank you ALL for visiting and keep the cards coming! :)

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More HB's from Bodyparts!


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Another one!


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More Birthday Cards!


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Monday, August 24, 2009

The First Pieces of Bday Happiness!

Click on image to see the full version!


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A Thank You from IFAW!

I contacted IFAW regarding the payments and such (until I found and told them what we were up to.

I received a message from a very friendly person answering my questions and thanking us:

Thanks for what you are doing Tiia - hope you will visit our website to learn more about our animal work.  There is lots of good information there and we truly appreciate your support!
So people, let's start spreading the word! Cute and maybe not-so-cute (but still precious) animals need our help! :)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Cards & Animal Welfare

On August 25th (which is just around the corner) Alexander Skarsgård turns 33. I had this idea of remembering him with something fun, and came up with this.

Firstly, I wanted all the fans to have an opportunity to take part in this. So I came up with the idea of collecting all the birthday wishes into one place - that would be this very blog.

So, if you have something you want to show to him or say to him, please send you greetings, poems, songs, video clips, artwork, photos, whatever you think he would like to me at (remove "NO" and "SPAM") and I'll publish them here. In case you're not feeling creative, you can just post a comment wishing him happy birthday!

Secondly, I noticed a while back he's been taking part in saving the beautiful sea creatures we also know as WHALES. Since we can't really get together and head out to the sea to save some of these awesome animals, I thought we could raise a few dollars for the cause, as a birthday gift for Alexander.

If you have some extra money (even a small amount will be plenty!) then DONATE IT! I've created an account to FirstGiving, where you can safely and quickly donate money for our cause. So click the link:

Yes, I wanna save me some whaleys!

The fundraising will be going on for 6 months, so you can either do it later or better yet, do the Good Thing several times!

Here's where the fundraising idea started from:

Please share your opinion if you have one! I'll be moderating the comments to keep this clean & friendly, so it could take a few hours before it appears.

Thank you VERY MUCH for reading! Please be sure to pass the message along or tweet it on Twitter.

Yours truly, Tiia.

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